Solar moth trap from Trapz NZ Ltd

Like moths to a … solar light. 

Guava and codling moths are fast becoming the bane of most fruit growers’ existence. Now, you can enjoy your feijoas, citrus, loquats, apples, peaches, plums, pears and macadamia nuts without those horrible caterpillars lurking inside.

solar moth trap

Non-toxic pest control for orchards and gardens

An environmentally friendly, cost-effective method of insect pest control, our solar traps present an irresistible, self-destructive attraction to guava moths, including those tricky females and other small moths. 

The purple haze of the UV light in this fatal lure will stop these unwelcome pests ruining your soft fruit and nut crops year-round. Our solar moth traps are effective in both commercial orchards and home gardens.

solar powered moth trap

Control codling and guava moth without the toxic sprays 

One solar power trap per ¼ acre, or 1000m2, will rid your property of guava moths. Simply hang a solar moth trap where it can be seen and gets enough sunlight during the day to recharge the batteries. The unit will light up from dusk till dawn luring moths to their suicidal nosedives.

Simple, safe technology

Like many classic tales, the story of our solar powered traps and the guava moth is one of fatal attraction. Moths are lured to the LED lights. Entranced in the glow, they inadvertently touch the sticky oil in the tray and, boom, they’re trapped. Unlike pheromone traps, a solar moth trap will also catch female moths, saving your fruit for human consumption.

moth trap

Growing more environmentally friendly

Proudly manufactured in New Zealand, our solar powered moth traps came to life when Bob Mitchell brought his years of experience in the electronic and medical instrument field to the task of developing a spray and chemical free answer to get rid of guava moths. Frustrated with how their feijoa, apples, macadamia nuts, and mandarins were being ruined, and wanting a spray-free approach to pest control, prototypes were built and tested, and successful field trials monitored.

moth traps
If you need to get rid of codling and guava moths at your place, give the Trapz NZ team a call or send us an email. We’ll get back in touch ASAP.