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Nara Lures – Pack of 2


Includes: 2 lures



  • High attractiveness for rodents,
  • Long durability depending on location of at least 3 months
  • Allergen-Free and therefore ideally suitable for use within the food industry
  • No infestation of the lure by insects, as is the case with standard lures
  • For use in wet areas excellently suited. No mould or decomposition due to humidity
  • Distinction between rat and mice based on gnawing traces
  • Completely allergen free
  • Moisture resistant, and therefore suitable for damp and dry environments
  • Only offered by NARA, the monitoring bait specifically for use in food processing plants
  • Pure plastic bait which excludes infestation by insects, as it is not an organic material
  • Highly attractive to rodents due to the unique shape and consistency of the bait
  • No mould formation and thereby micro-biologically safe