Creating a business website that works for us

We’re in the business of selling solar powered moth traps and we needed a great website. 

I knew as soon as I met the team from WoodsworkWeb Design, that I had chosen the right people to create my website, and that they were going to create a site for me with a bit of the ‘x-factor’.

At Trapz NZ, we’re very serious about the products we sell, and our website needed to be very professional while still being attractive to the wide variety of clients we cater to. However, the site also needed to have a bit of personality.

solar moth trap

Visuals with impact

Choosing the right images and graphics for a website isn’t random; it is integral to business website design and overall success of a website. A few well selected images will be more valuable than a whole load of irrelevant, low-quality images that send mixed messages.

The majority of what we perceive about a business via a website is visual. The way we feel about a website when coming across it for the first time is key to our decision to stay. It’s why images and graphics are important in business website design.

guava moth new zealand

Clare at Woodswork invested a lot of time in selecting the images to create the look and feel of our solar powered moth traps business, and the importance of colour can’t be overlooked. The images that were selected were based on the text and the style, colours, tones, hues and saturation, and we were able to provide feedback throughout the process.

The right images help with SEO

About four images have been used per page, including high resolution photos of our moth traps in action. These images and graphics are assets for search engine optimisation: they are renamed to include our focus keywords that reflect the content and purpose of each page, such as guava moth traps NZ, moths traps NZ, or solar moth trap.

Cool website features

Clare also incorporated microinteractions: small design features, or modules, such as buttons that change hover, or dropdown menus that fade in and fade out. These drive interest to CTAs (calls to action), such Find out more”, or “Get in touch”.

Special attention was also given to the logo. One of the first questions Woodswork Web Design asked me ask when looking at the graphic design aspect of the website was “Do you have a logo?”. Clare wanted to ensure the fonts and colours she used in our website design matched or were sympathetic to our logo, giving our website a professional, cohesive feel.


A website we’re happy with and that has improved our business

I think all that careful work came together in a website that has a great look and, more importantly, fits the business and our personality. Because as Steve Jobs said,

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”.

guava moth traps nz
If you need to get rid of codling and guava moths at your place, get your hands on some solar powered moth traps by giving the Trapz NZ team a call or sending us an email. We’ll get back in touch ASAP.